This is my personal site for setting up Zabbix to “monitor anything.” Zabbix is a powerful open-source monitoring tool that can be set up to work with any communication protocol. It is completely free to use, so download it and try it out.

Official Zabbix Documentation can be found here.

Latest Articles

  • TV Control via Enplug and Mersive Solstice Pods
    TV control typically requires external hardware that uses an additional data port, power outlet, and some type of custom programming. Costs are usually around $80 to $150 per display and have to be managed on some type of proprietary system. In commercial and corporate environments, most displays have some form of hardware behind them for… Read more: TV Control via Enplug and Mersive Solstice Pods
  • Adding Scripts to Zabbix
    Scripts in Zabbix can be used to generate item data for monitoring, for actions when a trigger occurs, or allow users to manually run from the web interface. Scripts can be any language and do basically anything as long as it can accept command line arguments and the output can be seen by Zabbix. This… Read more: Adding Scripts to Zabbix
  • Chicken Coop
    In the summer of 2020 I designed and helped build a chicken coop in Upstate New York to house 6 hens. I had about two weeks to do the design in AutoCAD and get a material list put together so I got to work researching what is considered a “good” coop design. I found the… Read more: Chicken Coop
  • Music
    I enjoy a diverse selection of genres but there are a few albums that I listen to pretty regularly. This list is in no particular order. One Size Fits AllMothers of InventionSpotify PunisherPhoebe BridgersSpotify How To Be a Human BeingGlass AnimalsSpotify Alien Love SecretsSteve VaiSpotify …Like ClockworkQueens of the Stone AgeSpotify The Slim Shady EPEminemSpotify… Read more: Music
  • Templates in Zabbix
    Everything set at the template level is inherited by hosts. The advantage of this design is that a large number of hosts can be applied to a template and they will all be monitored the exact same way. Modifications made to the template are applied to all hosts associated with the template, but customization to… Read more: Templates in Zabbix

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